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About Onyx Management Team

Onyx Management Group property management

Onyx Management Group is an independent, unaffiliated, licensed and insured Property Management firm.

Our managing partners started in the industry as investors over 20 years ago and have built and managed their own investments from the ground up. They have first had knowledge in what it takes to make a profitable investment. They understand the efficiency, risk management and tenant comfort required to professionally and competently manage a property. Our business model was based off their experience and when starting Onyx Management Group almost 15 years ago, their knowledge and expertise was their focus to maximize others investments as well. 

Since then, Onyx successfully manages over 1000 units in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County areas. Units range from studio apartments, to multi family buildings, high rises and even commercial buildings. We continue to grow and thrive implementing our partners’ knowledge and experience while we provide excellent services to both the owner and the tenant. 

At Onyx, we apply our skills and experience in solving complications that typically arise in rental properties to ensure both owner and tenant satisfaction. Keeping the tenant happy is the key to maximizing our customers return on their investment. We supply a large range of services to meet the requirements of all of our clients, ranging from the more limited needs of smaller properties to the demands and intricacies of the larger ones. Each property receives a customized approach to its maintenance, management and budgetary requests.

Through the years, we have established an extensive network of electricians, plumbers, handymen, and contractors to guarantee that our clients receive only the most professional, reliable and affordable services. These vendors are exclusive to Onyx and; therefore, our clients are able to find the best bids and scopes of work provided by a loyal and trustworthy team.

Convenience and ease of use is also a top priority. Our staff is broken down into departments extending from service and repairs, utility inquiries, billing and bookkeeping, collections, etc. We also provide a web-based software to access their accounts as well as financial reports, unit queries and make invoice payments for the owners and rental payments for the tenants with just a few simple steps.

At Onyx, we believe that proper organization, excellent communication and problem solving are imperative in providing our clients and residents with the utmost in management support. We hope to build a long lasting, quality relationship with you in the future and thank you for your interest in working with us. We hope to hear from you soon!

~Onyx Management Team

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